“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.” - Bryan Eisenberg

Telephone List Wholesaler

Nearly every business needs a cost effective telephone list, and we offer high quality lists sold for a minimum profit. Based on your unique marketing needs, we offer three different packages for nearly every major industry. We also specialize in targeted telephone numbers and scrub all data against the National Do Not Call List if needed.


Annually (save upto 20%)

Classic Package I

Volumn: 10K-100K

Rate Per Lead: 1.5 cents


Classic Package II

Volumn: 100K-10M

Rate Per Lead: 1.0 cents


Targeted DNC I

Volumn: 100K-10M

Rate Per Lead: 5.0 cents


Targeted DNC II

Volumn: 100K-10M

Rate Per Lead: 5.5 cents


Super Targeted DNC I

Volumn: 10K-100K

Rate Per Lead: 5.5 cents


Super Targeted DNC II

Volumn: 100K-10M

Rate Per Lead: 6.0 cents


Classic Package:

We offer consumer database including name, telephone numbers, address, age, gender, income, credit, and other relevant demographics with search options such as telephone area codes or state. This package does not offer the DNC (Do Not Call) scrub.
We can provide both rentals and homeowners list. This database normally updates monthly or quarterly based county or vendor.

Targeted DNC:

With all the capabilities of our Classic Package, our Targeted DNC package also scrubs the consumer database against the DNC. This is the best option call center.

Super Targeted DNC:

Our best package offers DNC scrub and our thorough consumer database along with specific filters such as homeowner’s current interest rate, size of loan, and other filters dependent on your industry. If you are running a predictive dialer, super targeted data will give you the better result.

We also offer business phone lists for sale with the same rates and capabilities. If you have any questions or specific requirements for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.