Voice Broadcasting

Today, the majority of Americans own and communicate primarily with a phone. Your target audience can hear your message and then select 1 or any number between 0 and 9 to either transfer the call to an agent or ask the caller to leave a message.

Key Features:

Easy account set up and start the campaign

Live people, voicemail or both

Do not call list management for opt outs and removal

Virtual call designer or transfer to remote agent

Control the times, and dates of your broadcasting Press 1

Review audio recordings and transcripts of transfer instantly

Analyze daily conversion rates and receive daily reports for your

press-1 campaign

Call thousands of consumers in just a few hours

Total cloud based control and reporting

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Monthly Subscriptions

*Complete Set up + 2 Hours of Free Training Included

$1,000 per month

31+ Agents

$1,000 per month

16-30 Agents

$1,000 per month

6-15 Agents

$1,000 per month

1-5 Agents